Engraving requirements

Requirements for engraving files

In order to achieve an optimal result when branding, some requirements must be observed.

Please bear in mind that our branding irons reach a temperature of 350 to 400 degrees Celsius. This may cause the stamp impression to become too thick. This means that smaller details or negative elements may shrink. It is therefore advisable to keep the design you want to brand as simple and clear as possible. Please avoid detailed designs with small text, fine lines and lots of detail, as these will be difficult to read or recognise when branded.

Here are some examples of unsuitable templates:


Please also note:

  • Keep at least 1mm distance from the page edges with the elements to be engraved.
  • Lines must be at least 0.5 mm thick
  • For best clarity, spacing between shapes or lines should be at least 1mm
  • Coloured elements cannot be engraved
  • Fonts must be converted to paths
  • Fonts must be at least 3 mm in size (including lower case!)
  • Please use bold or semi-bold fonts
  • Avoid detailed or negative elements or designs
  • The following file formats are possible: .tif, eps, .jpg/.jpeg, .gif, .png, .pdf

The files you upload are not checked by us and are therefore released directly for engraving. An additional check is subject to a charge and can be ordered additionally at a price of 9.90€ (data check). When you order the data check, we check whether your engraving file is suitable for a branding stamp or whether it meets our "Requirements for engraving files".

If everything is in order with your engraving template, you will receive a proof from us by email and your branding iron will go into production immediately. If your artwork is not suitable for engraving, we will also send you a proof by email, pointing out the "weak points" in your artwork. You then have the option of sending us a new file once, which will then be immediately transferred to production.

With the confirmation that you have read the "Specifications for supplied data for the correct engraving of the stamp plate" and thereby confirm the correctness of your data, you accept the points listed above.