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Original ALK Rack Original ALK Rack
Tray for original ALK branding iron
€8.02 *
Adapter Switzerland Adapter Switzerland
Mains adapter Switzerland
€8.02 *
Datencheck Datencheck
We check your engraving file to see if it is suitable for a branding iron or meets our "Requirements for engraving files". If everything is in order with your engraving template, you will receive a proof by email from us and your...
€10.04 *
Adapter Original ALK - Lever Press Adapter Original ALK - Lever Press
Would you like to use your original ALK branding iron in a hand lever press? Simply use our matching adapter for this purpose.
€30.36 *
ALK Lever Press ALK Lever Press
Hand lever press for firing pin and ALK adapter. (Picture with branding iron and adapter not included)
€139.90 *
ALK Powerregulator ALK Powerregulator
For power control of our branding irons up to 2000W.
€139.90 *